About us

about us


To be a Customer Oriented Company providing the Highest Quality and most Innovative Products for our Retailers, Wholesalers and Crafter partners! We strive to be the recognized leader and preferred partner of all our customers in their profit plans.


HST was acquired by Wholesale Home Décor in June 2012.Wholesale Home Décor is committed to expanding and improving services to our customers and we are excited to make this an equally successful venture for all of us.

All of the existing working relationships will continue to be in place; as a matter of fact, Wholesale Home Décor’s goal is to grow stronger with these relationships! Going forward, Wholesale Home Décor has the following goals to improve Customer satisfaction and profitability:

  • Be more Customer Oriented
  • Continue to offer new and exciting products
  • Continue to offer Competitively Priced Merchandise
  • Ensure adequate inventory always to reduce backorders
  • Strive to keep prices fair
  • Increase Giftware items to meet seasonal demands

 Also our foremost priority will be to increase inventory and ship all orders of in-stock product within 48 - 72 hours.

We at Wholesale Home Decor are delighted with our new venture, and we look forward to growing with you.



We Make It Easy To Buy: As mentioned above, Wholesale Home Decor is very customer oriented; thus we shall continue to have a $75 minimum order only.  At trade shows we often run a “No Minimum Order” special to make it easy for customers to try our line. 

Wholesale Home Décor’s customers have a myriad of ways by which they can order:

  • TRADESHOWS - Click here to view our current show schedule
  • SHOWROOM - We have a large showroom on site at our warehouse that customers can shop if they come to visit us.  This is convenient for customers to pick up their orders.
  • WEB SITE - Customers can order day or night on Wholesale Home Décor’s comprehensive web site.  This is a great way to see our new releases before they are even cataloged.  Our web site receives lots of compliments from customers about how user friendly it is.   It has high quality photos and is well organized into various shopping categories. We even have a search tool on our web site where customers can locate a specific item or item number. 

Our secure web site is password protected and only allows wholesale buyers to shop.  Customers are also able to take advantage of internet sales and closeout items on the web site. 

  • CATALOGS – We will release 1 major catalog annually to keep customers updated with our latest releases.   These are a great re-order tool for our customers.
  • REP SHOWROOMS –Wholesale Home Decor is represented in several major markets by rep groups.  We have a rep showrooms in Columbus.  We also have a product showcase in Canada.
  • ROAD REPS –Wholesale Home Decor has road reps that visit customers in their stores across the country.
  • PHONE ORDERS - We have trained customer representatives that take customer orders.  Call Us at 877-330-0443!
  • FAX ORDERS - Customers can also fax orders to us 24 hours per day.  317-598-0003.
  • EMAIL ORDERS - Customers can email us orders anytime on our special customer service form.